Smart Commute to Maple Leaf Foods

Maple Leaf – 440 Glover Road

Taking Transit and the Shuttle to Maple Leaf

A dedicated shuttle bus operates between the corner of Rymal/Upper Ottawa and Maple Leaf. The shuttle connects with most arriving Route 22 – Upper Ottawa buses from downtown. Most outbound shuttle buses from Heritage connect with a Route 22 – Upper Ottawa bus going towards downtown. The shuttle takes approximately 11 minutes for a one-way trip.

Plan your door-to-door trip

These sites can help you plan your transit trip. Shuttle data is not available in these planners so enter ‘Rymal and Upper Ottawa’ as your destination. Allow additional travel time for the shuttle ride.

  1. – the official transit trip planner in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area run by Metrolinx. It has the most up-to-date data of all transit trip planners available.
  2. ‘Transit App’ – a mobile app for Android and iOS (Apple) that incorporates real-time bus data (when available.

Pay by PRESTO and save

PRESTO is a smart card system that lets you pay on 11 transit systems, including the HSR, GO, and Burlington. When you tap your card on the bus, you’ll be charged the ‘ticket’ fare rather than the higher cash fare. You can also store a monthly HSR pass on the card. PRESTO cards can be bought online, at GO Stations and some retailers, including most Hamilton Fortinos locations.
For more information, visit or

Cycling Is Convenient to Maple Leaf

Cycling can be a convenient alternative that saves you time, money and helps keep you fit. You can reach Maple Leaf from a large portion of the Mountain in under 35 minutes and from many locations in the Lower City in under 50 minutes. Covered bike parking, located near the main entrance, will help keep your bike dry while you’re working.

Bike and Bus with the HSR

All HSR buses are equipped with a bike rack on the front bumper. Use a bike for your “first mile” from home to the closest direct or major bus route or for your “last mile” from the nearest bus stop to Maple Leaf. Each rack can hold a maximum of two bikes with wheels that are 16 inches (40 cm) or larger. Motorized and tandem bikes are not allowed in the racks.

Plan Your Bike Trip

These sites can help you plan your bike trip.

  • and app – Google Maps can help you plan your bike trip. It factors in diversions along bike lanes, pathways and less busy roadways.
  • – The Triplinx site can help you plan the fastest bike + transit trip. Enter your origin, destination and under ‘Options’ select ‘Bike + Transit’.