Commuter Rewards Program

What is the Commuter Rewards Program?

The Commuter Rewards program is a new incentive program available to City of Hamilton staff to incentivize sustainable travel behaviour. With the new Commuter Rewards program, staff will be able to log their trips to work, earning points which can be redeemed for rewards.

How do I earn points and log my trips to redeem my rewards?

You are eligible to earn more points to win prizes any time you commute to work by not driving alone.Earn points by logging your trips on the Smart Commute tool or using the Commute Tracker app. Each trip is worth 5 points, so, a round trip is 10 points (e.g. 10 days of sustainable commuting can get you a Smart Commute water bottle!)

  1. Join the City of Hamilton Network by clicking here
  2. Log your trips via the Smart Commute Tool or automatically using the Commute Tracker App available for iPhone or Android.
  3. Visit the points program page on the Smart Commute Tool and redeem your rewards

When is the Commuter Rewards Program going to be available?

The Commuter Rewards Program will run from September 5th, 2017 until March 15th, 2018.

What rewards are available?

Points* Prize**
10 Smart Commute Chip Bag Clip
10 Ontario Cyclists Handbook
15 Sticky Note Pad (10) + Pen (5)
20 Bike Light
20 Sunscreen
50 Cotton Tote Bag
50 DRAW- Prize Pack #1 ($50 value)
100 Water Bottle
100 Tin Camp Mug
100 Plastic Travel Mug
100 DRAW- Prize Pack #2 ($100 value)
150 Ceramic Coffee Tumbler
200 New PRESTO Card ($5 pre-loaded)
300 ESSO Gift Card ($10)

* Points are subject to change.

** Some prizes have limited availability.