City of Hamilton Corporate Bike Share Program

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City of Hamilton employees are now eligible for a discounted SoBi Hamilton bike share membership as part of a two-year pilot project. This program is intended to encourage employees to partake in activities like cycling that improve mental, physical and social well-being that are essential to having healthy and engaged employees at work and in our community.

This program will complement the current Discounted Transit Pass (DTP) program. Employees who use bike share and transit to commute to work help reduce congestion during rush hours and reduce the need to provide parking. In addition, staff can use bike share for short trips to meetings during the work day, reducing the need to use fleet cars or their own vehicles, and thereby reducing fleet ownership costs and employee mileage costs.

Click here to access the City of Hamilton Corporate Bike Share Program Covenant and Registration Form.

Employees who registered for the discounted Corporate Employee SoBi Membership can now renew their membership for a 2nd year at the subsidized rate of $37.50. If your first year is coming up for expiration then you can activate a 2nd year by logging into your SoBi account (at when your membership expires, go to the Membership tab, and click the Activate button. This will renew your membership for a 2nd year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is eligible for the discounted Bike Share annual membership?
A: Any full-time or part-time employee.

Q: How many memberships are available?
A: 500 memberships per year are available during the two-year pilot.

Q: Is this corporate membership different from a regular Bike Share membership?
A: A discounted price and subsidy are applied to the membership but all other terms and conditions apply.

Q: How much will the membership cost me?
A: Your share of the membership is $37.50.

Q: Can the discount be applied to my current Bike Share membership?
A: No, the discount cannot be applied towards you current membership. However, you can apply for the discount when your membership comes up for renewal during the pilot.

Q: I already have a pay-as-you-go account with Bike Share. Can I switch to an employee membership and get the discount.
A: Yes, you will be able to cancel your pay-as-you-go account and switch to an annual membership.

Q: What happens to my membership if I leave the City of Hamilton?
A: Your membership will remain active until it expires.

Q: Can I use Bike Share to travel to and from work meetings?
A: We encourage cycling as an alternative to travel by car where practical. Please discuss with your supervisor the suitability of cycling considering the time and distance to be traveled and the costs for any overage under the Bike Share program.