Getting Started

Ride your bike to work, school or even just to run a few errands on the weekend.

Many of our daily trips are well within cycling distance (0-5km). Trips taken by bike save you the cost of transit, gas, parking, have zero impact on air quality, and burn calories with every pedal forward.

If you already ride your bike then you already know the many benefits – but if you’re new to this idea make the transition easier and fun by planning ahead:

  • Buy a new bike or dust off that bike you’ve had for years and get a tune up.
  • Make a check-list of what you’ll need to make your bike the new vehicle of choice: a bell, reflective tape, lights for the front and the back of your bike, water bottle cage, a bike rack or basket, tire repair kit, a rear-view mirror, a bike radio, streamers, a travel mug holder…the accessory options are endless!
  • Plan your trip using the City of Hamilton’s Bike Route Maps: Urban Map | Rural Map
  • Do a test ride to your pre-mapped destination on the weekend.
  • Take it easy. Start slow. Begin by riding one day per week to build up your cardio and confidence.
  • Feeling rusty on the rules of the road? Brush up or take a refresher course
  • Look out for bike clubs and events in your community including the Smart Commute Bike to work day

If you live too far away to bike the entire distance to work or school, mix and match with transit.

Programs and Policies

Secure Bike Parking

Hamilton Cycling Master Plan

City of Hamilton Cycling Website which includes information about:

  • City of Hamilton Bike Map
  • Cycling Safety
  • Hamilton’s Cycling Infrastructure
  • Bike Parking and Bike Racks
  • Bike Theft
  • Hamilton Cycling Committee