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Contact us to start taking advantage of Smart Commute’s free commuter services. We’ll walk you through our process:

Gather information

We know that good research yields even better plans. Our first step is to conduct a employee commuter survey to assess your employees’ transportation needs and barriers.

Develop the plan

We’ll develop a custom plan to address your employees commuting needs.

Launch and promote the program

We give you all the ideas, tools and materials you need to launch and promote a successful Smart Commute program.

Measure your success

Our tools allow you to track your staff’s commuting behaviour and the resulting cost savings and environmental benefit.

More than 330 employers in the GTHA are already Smart Commute workplaces. In a 2009 survey of Smart Commute employers, 93% said they would recommend the services offered by Smart Commute to other companies. Contact us to start smart commuting!!!