Local Transit

Municipal transit systems operate in Burlington, Milton, and Oakville. For fares, routes and schedules, visit your local transit system’s site below.

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Annoucing Route 121 servicing WSP- MMM!
Smart Commute Halton is proud to announce the launch of the new Oakville Transit Route 121 Southeast Industrial! This route runs during peak hours (morning and afternoon) and directly services WSP-MMM employees from Oakville GO Station. Check out the schedule here or download the new live-tracking Oakville Transit app


 Go Transit

GO Transit connects Halton’s municipal transit systems to the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) and beyond. Find out how to connect to GO from Burlington Transit, Milton Transit and Oakville transit.

Visit GO Transit for Fares and Schedules.

*For an easy way to find your best route, check out the Smart Commute Tool and plan your next trip!*

PRESTO Card System

What is PRESTO? It’s an electronic fare system now being introduced in phases across the
GTHA. Currently Smart Commute Halton members caPRESTO logo hornn use PRESTO on Burlington Transit, Oakville Transit, and GO Transit. PRESTO uses the latest smartcard technology to give commuters the most convenient fare payment possible, all with the tap of a small reloadable plastic card. Click here to visit PRESTO.

Transit Tax Credit- A How To Guide

To encourage the use of public transit, the government of Canada offers a tax credit for weekly (or longer duration) transit passes.Here’s how to get your tax credit for taking public transit:

1. Buy a weekly (or longer duration) transit pass

2. Save and submit your receipts and your passes. If your transit pass includes all of the following information, it can serve as a receipt:

• An indication that it is a monthly (or longer duration) pass
• The date or period for which the pass is valid
• The name of the transit authority or organization issuing the pass
• The amount paid for the pass

3. Claim the amount paid for the passes
4. Multiply the amount claimed by the lowest personal income tax rate for the year (it was 15% for 2007 and 2008) and deduct that from the amount of tax owed for the year

For example, if your monthly transit pass costs $100, the amount you can claim would be $1,200, resulting in a tax credit of $180.00 (twelve months multiplied by 15%).

For more information, visit the Canada Revenue Agency on how to qualify for and claim the tax credit for public transit.

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