Active Transportation


Cycling is not only a nostalgic, fun way to get around- it can also be a practical way to get to work. It costs less than other forms of transportation and saves time by combining your workout with your commute.

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Many of our daily trips are well within cycling distance (0-5km). Trips taken by bike save you the cost of transit, gas, parking, have zero impact on air quality, and burn calories with every pedal forward.

If you live too far away to bike the entire distance to work or school, mix and match with transit.

For cycling maps for Burlington, Milton, Halton Hills and Oakville that highlight regional on-road and off-road cycling facilities and trails click here.

Bike Safety

Smart Commute Halton wants to make sure you have a safe and secure ride. Be sure to check out these tips on bike safety before your next trip!


Walking is one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways of getting around. It’s free, doesn’t pollute the environment, improves your heath and makes you feel just plain good!

Visit Walk Score and discover the great places around you that are just steps away!

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