Q: How much does it cost to become a member of Smart Commute Halton?

A: Thanks to funding from Halton Region and Metrolinx, it is free for employers and employees to take advantage of Smart Commute Halton’s services.

Q: I commute from X to Y each day. Can you find me a carpool?

A: Our online tool is designed to find the best carpool for you from a database of options. Register at www.explore.smartcommute.ca to begin entering your commute information and sorting through your matches. Your matches may include individuals who wish to drive daily, passengers with no access to a vehicle, or someone looking to share the driving duties!

Q: Do I have to own a car to participate in the carpool program?

A: No. You have the option of requesting to be a passenger only, a driver only or leave it open to either.

Q: Is my information private when searching for matches on the Smart Commute Tool?

A: You can be assured that the Smart Commute database is very secure. While online, you will be identifiable to other users only through a nickname until you’re ready to make contact with your chosen carpool match.

Q: Are there any liability issues for carpooling?

A: Once you’ve decided to carpool and have contacted your match, the driver(s) of the carpool is liable for keeping the car in good repair and informing the insurance company that they’ll be a driver of a carpool. Your insurance rates may rise or fall if you carpool on a regular basis.