The Hub of Action

Smart Commute manages the province’s largest cross-functional group for collaborating, sharing of best practices, and the amplification of everyone’s individual work in active and sustainable school travel. GTHA Active and Sustainable School Transportation (ASST) Regional Hub (or “the Hub” for short) currently includes more than 100 participants from key positions in transportation, planning and recreation departments, academia, public health, school boards, police, schools, non-profit organizations, and other organizations across the GTHA. Recognized as the centre of action for active school travel, the Hub continues to grow and serve its ever-expanding range of collaborators.

The knowledge exchanged at the Hub’s regular meetings (approx. 6 per year) is instrumental in furthering active school travel in general as well as participants’ specific efforts to support and encourage more children and their families to travel actively and sustainably to school. Presentations from academia, municipal practitioners, and other experts expand everyone’s understanding of the issues and solutions involved.

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