Current Projects

Eglinton Crosstown School Travel Planning Project

This project, managed in partnership with Green Communities Canada, is a pilot test of the best ways to engage school communities in transit construction projects. Using the School Travel Planning process to assess, develop, implement and evaluate action plans over two years – December 2015 to June 2017– stakeholders will propose strategies pertaining to the safe movement of children and youth within the Eglinton Crosstown transit construction zones. The project includes practical support for students, families and school staff travelling to and from school during the construction period, encouraging safe, active and sustainable modes of travel, and facilitating use of the Crosstown transit line, once built, by students and families.

Bike to School Week

This is an annual campaign that helps and encourages a broad range of schools, students and families across the GTHA to celebrate biking to school.

Teacher’s Curriculum Guide

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