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Active school travel fosters vitality in our kids, our schools, and our communities

Our vision is to have more students bike, walk or roll to school. That means reversing a double-digit decline in the number of students who are getting to school under their own steam now, compared to 1986. It’s not just about lost fitness. This decline in active travel contributes to behavioural problems in the classroom, poor academic results, school-zone congestion and safety issues, and a general loss of the social glue that makes communities healthy and vibrant.

Together we can turn this trend around.

Bike to School Week

Bike to School WeekBike to School Week

This is an annual campaign that helps and encourages a broad range of schools, students and families across the GTHA to celebrate biking to school.

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Get Involved

Get InvolvedGet Involved

Achieving our vision involves planning, infrastructure, programs and more. It thrives on the collaboration of people of diverse capabilities and interests.

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New Travel Trends Research

New Travel Trends ResearchNew Travel Trends Research

The latest reports on school travel trends throughout the GTHA, including mode shifts in relation to distance, gender, time of day, and region, with comparative data going back to 1986. Check out the latest reports...

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Our Mission
Smart Commute helps anyone who is going from A to B explore and try out smart travel options. Our goal is to ease gridlock while helping you save time and money.
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