Telework is the use of technology/telecommunications to allow employees to work at home or a location outside their office.

Telework is a growing trend within many corporations. Employees are able to work from home by connecting to their employer’s computer network. The employee’s work files and e-mail are usually available ensuring that they are never out of the corporate loop. Meetings are also conducted remotely through conference calls.

Save Money

Telework can help both the employer and employee save money. Telework can have a significant impact on commute expenses, by reducing the need for employees to travel to work. Employers can benefit from savings in energy, office space requirements, parking facilities, maintenance, and reduced absenteeism. It is estimated that annually, employers could save up to $2,086 for every teleworker.

Man teleworkingIncreased Job Satisfaction and Enhanced Productivity

Telework increases work schedule flexibility, which can improve employees’ work-life balance. Research says that 33% of Canadians would choose the option of teleworking over a pay raise.

Telework also enhances employee productivity as it minimizes office distractions from co-workers. Results from Calgary’s WORKshift initiative have shown that employees who telework are 15 – 40% more productive than their in-office coworkers.

Environmental Benefits

You can minimize your company’s overall carbon footprint by having telework policies in place. Employees who telework one or two days a week are able to eliminate their commutes on those days altogether and prevent harmful pollutants from entering the air. Studies show that by teleworking one day a week, a single employee can reduce more than a tonne of carbon emissions in a year.

Encouraging employees to work from home can also minimize energy consumption at the office.

Your company can benefit from telework if:

  • Office accommodations make up a large portion of your overall expenditures
  • You want to minimize expenses on recruitment and training by increasing employee retention
  • You want to maximize employee productivity
  • You want to reduce employee stress and boost workplace morale
  • You are concerned about maintaining work-life balance for your employees

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