Workplace Assessment

Green building with leavesIt all begins with understanding your needs

An effective Smart Commute program starts with an assessment of the current commuting conditions at your workplace.

This assessment will help you understand:

  • Current commuter behaviour
  • Willingness of employees to consider change
  • Your baseline for measuring results

A Smart Commute Workplace Assessment consists of

1.     An Employee Commuting Survey to:

  • Gather baseline data for the Smart Commute program
  • Develop a customized work plan of programs, services and events
  • Establish meaningful trip reduction targets
  • Measure the success of Smart Commute over time

2.     A Building Site Assessment to:

  • Assess parking requirements
  • Explore end-of-trip facilities – such as showers and lockers for active commuters
  • Designated parking for carpools/fuel efficient vehicles

After completing the workplace assessment, Smart Commute will produce a customized action report. This report provides an analysis of the commuter data, opportunities for transportation mode shifts and a suite of programs and services to implement.