Our Mission

The imperative to take action on traffic congestion is high. Employees who spend their mornings and evenings sitting in traffic are more stressed and dissatisfied – ultimately affecting your business’ performance.

We live in a region that is rapidly expanding. With this growth comes increased congestion and pollution. There are already 7 million car trips each day in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Toronto’s downtown area alone sees over 100,000 in-bound trips in the morning rush. And with funding for road maintenance, repair and expansion in short supply, commuting delays are expected to get even worse.

Now, more than ever, we must consider other ways of commuting to reduce the stress on our lives, roads, and environment.

Smart Commute is just one way that the City of Toronto works with residents and businesses to reduce emissions and protect our environment.

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Smart Commute Etobicoke South is a program of the Toronto Environment & Energy Office & City of Toronto, made possible with funding from Metrolinx.

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