Why Join?

Participating in Smart Commute Durham offers many benefits to both the organization and its employees. Some benefits directly affect the employer, while others offer more employee benefits, such as improved employee job satisfaction.

Easier to recruit and retain employees

A long, tough commute can make it more difficult to recruit and/or retain qualified employees. Offering new and existing employees commuter options will demonstrate your commitment to their well-being.

Increase employee productivity

Employees who travel to work by public transit or rideshare are more likely to arrive on time and be less stressed than those who drive alone.

Reduce lost time due to illness

Work time lost due to illness is costly. Commuting stress plays a direct role in a person’s emotional and physical health.

Reduce parking requirements

Less demand for employee parking will free up spots for customers and visitors, and in the long run, if the organization leases or maintains parking facilities, money can be saved by potentially reducing the number of spaces required.

Improve traffic flow

Reducing the number of vehicles provides much needed space on our roads, therefore helping to move people and goods faster. It also increases road safety, which may have a positive impact on both business and personal insurance rates.

Lower facility costs

Teleworking is a practical way to reduce the number of required workstations, which will be a significant money saver if the facility needs to expand or if more space is to be leased.

Public profile

The development of a commuter-options program is consistent with the environmental and corporate responsibility statements of most organizations and will further an employer as a champion of sustainable practices.