Take ‘charge’ of your commute

TransportaElectric vehicletion accounts for approximately 25 per cent of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, and some of the biggest culprits are cars and trucks. Fortunately, more and more Canadians are becoming ‘electri-curious’ – and many Smart Commute members are getting an inside look at just why electric vehicles may be the wave of the future.

Recently, one Smart Commute office partnered with WWF-Canada and Plug n’ Drive to deliver informative and engaging EV showcases and workshops to several workplaces across northeast Toronto and Vaughan.

The events provided the chance to test drive some of the coolest, cleanest rides on the market today, and participants heard about a wide range of topics – from the financial and environmental benefits of going electric to the great selection of EVs available in Canada to the convenience of public EV chargers.   Feedback across all participating workplaces was extremely positive, with employees appreciating the opportunity to get behind the wheel for a hands-on experience with the vehicles.

So why drive electric? Electric vehicles can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from personal transportation by up to 80 per cent. From an environmental standpoint, electric cars are powered with electricity that can be (and in Ontario largely is) generated from cleaner and more renewable sources than fossil fuels – like hydro, solar, wind and nuclear. From an economic standpoint, going electric makes sense too. According to Plug’n Drive, Ontario’s electricity is ¼ to 1/6 the cost of gasoline. This means that you can save thousands of dollars a year driving electric. Electric cars support the local economy too, as most of the electricity we use is generated right here in Ontario whereas gasoline is typically imported.

The project was supported by WWF as part of its effort to introduce Canadians to electric cars. See what influential Canadians Jessi Cruickshank, Susur Lee and Mark McKinney thought about electric cars in their “First dates with David Miller”.

Electri-curious? Ask your local Smart Commute office about how you can take ‘charge’ of your commute!  Plus: Did you know? EV charging stations are available at 10 GO Transit stations!

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