Pearson Canada wins Smart Commute “Employer of the Year” Award

November 20, 2008 – Smart Commute held its second annual Pearson Canada wins smart commute "employer of the year" award 2008‘Employer of the Year’ awards at St. Lawrence Hall in Toronto. Ten workplaces from Hamilton to Newmarket to Ajax were recognized for their outstanding efforts to help employees get to work by walking, cycling, taking transit, carpooling and teleworking instead of driving alone in their vehicles.

“These employers are leading by example in helping to green the community and make better use of our transportation infrastructure investments.”
– Rob MacIsaac, Chair of Metrolinx and host of the Smart Commute Awards.

Smart Commute Central York was thrilled to announce our local winner, Pearson Canada, an international media company, home to respected and renowned publishing brands, including Penguin, Viking and Prentice Hall. They have demonstrated a commitment to sustainable health and wellness programs for their employees, and their community. Pearson Canada has embraced and implemented the concepts of Transportation Demand Management through the Smart Commute program and creation of their Pearson Green environmental committee. They put in place transit discount purchasing, an emergency ride home program, installed bicycle racks, put up carpooling parking signs, and offered incentives to staff to encourage them to make use of all these great initiatives, including Smart Commute’s Carpool Zone.

Congratulations Pearson Canada!