Benefits for Employers

The Benefits for Employers

A more attractive workplace
In today’s competitive HR market, a company that provides flexibility and access to various commuting options is seen as a more attractive workplace. Similarly, property managers who offer Smart Commute programs are more attractive to potential tenants.

Increased employee retention
Studies suggest that employees who are pleased with their commutes are 10% more likely to remain with an employer, leading to savings for your company. Recruiting and training a new employee can cost between 50% and 150% of his or her annual salary.

Increased employee productivity
Employees who use smart alternatives for their commute to work are more likely to arrive on time and be less stressed than those who drive alone.

Reduced parking requirements and maintenance cost
Less demand for employee parking will free up spots for customers and visitors and can potentially lead to reduced parking needs. Reducing parking demand and spaces saves businesses money in winter maintenance, administration, enforcement, repair and construction.

Increased visibility and demonstrated leadership
Partnership with Smart Commute Central York will increase both your company’s visibility and improve its reputation by demonstrating corporate social responsibility. Being a role model in the community will enhance your corporate image.