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Is Your Productivity Stuck in Traffic?

Improve your triple bottom line with Smart Commute

Traffic congestion in the GTHA negatively affects your business, your employees’ quality of life and the environment. Let’s design a Smart Commute program that saves your business and your employees time, money and tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

As of September 30,2016, 330 employers in the GTHA are Smart Commute workplaces. According to the 2015 Smart Commute Workplace Impact Report on a per dollar basis the Smart Commute program is delivering an estimated 6:1 benefit cost ratio.

  1. Contact Smart Commute CY to arrange an introductory meeting.
  2. Designate a workplace champion.
  3. Discover your employees’ transportation needs through a travel habits survey and site assessment conducted by Smart Commute CY.
  4. Receive a survey report and a customized Smart Commute Work Plan.
  5. Launch the program by promoting alternative modes of transportation through onsite outreach events and campaigns – organized and staffed by Smart Commute CY.
  6. See your company’s progress and results with statistical monitoring provided by Smart Commute CY.

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