What Are Your Empty Seats Worth?

  • Save money – on gas, parking and vehicle wear and tear.
  • Save time –use the HOV lanes and cruise past traffic congestion. Park in a reserved carpool parking spot close to the entrance of your workplace.
  • Save the environment – driving only 10% less can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 0.2 to 0.8 tonnes per year, depending on the vehicle.
  • Save the stress – carpooling sparks new and lasting friendships and alleviates the stress of driving alone.

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Before carpooling with someone, we recommend you meet over coffee or lunch to discuss the details.  Some of the points you may want to cover include:

  • Schedule: Determine which days of the week you will carpool and departure times.
  • Driving costs:  If you share the driving, then no money is exchanged, but if not, the sole driver needs to be compensated.
  • Carpool etiquette: Discuss radio preferences.  Are eating, drinking and smoking allowed? How long will you wait before leaving?  Are stops allowed along the way?
  • Trial period: Consider a 1-2 week trial period to determine if this carpool arrangement works for you.

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