Cycling is one of the best ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.  Riding your bike saves you money, is pollution-free and cheaper than a gym membership.  Combining cycling and transit is a great way to travel farther distances. All buses are now equipped with bike racks.

Bicycle Safety Tips

Protect your Noggin! helmet

In Ontario, cyclists under 18 are required by law to wear a helmet when cycling. The helmet has to be on your head and the chin strap clip must be fastened under the chin. Does your helmet fit properly?  Check out York Region’s helmet fit brochure.

Be Seen! lights

If you ride 30 minutes before sunset and/or 30 minutes before sunrise, you need a white light (not just a reflector) in the front and a red reflector or light in the rear.  Pedal reflectors and reflective material on wrists, ankles, heels, clothing and helmets help others see you.

bikebellBe Heard!

It is important to warn other cyclists and pedestrians of your approach. By law, all bikes must have a working bell or horn. At times it is just as effective and more courteous to shout something like “passing on the left” when overtaking other cyclists and pedestrians.

For additional information on bicycle safety and Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act laws and fines click here.

Lock your bike properly

By locking your back wheel inside the rear triangle, you protect yLock your bikeour wheel and the frame. It’s nearly impossible to cut the rim of a wheel. Just make sure your lock is around the rim and through the triangle. Bonus hint: Front wheels are cheap in comparison to back wheels  which have special gears and cost about twice as much, so if you can only protect one wheel, make it’s the back one!  Consider buying two locks, one for each wheel.

 Need Some Inspiration?

Additional Resources:

YR Cycling mapCreate your own custom route with the York Region Interactive Cycling Map.  Also available for printing (hard copies are available at the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, 470 Davis Drive, Newmarket)


safeguard your bike by registering your bike now with york regional police