Smart Commute Options

  1. Carpool. Save money, time and energy. Find your ride match on Man on phoneour commuting tool, visit the Smart Commute tool.
  2. Take Transit. Let somebody else handle the stresses of driving. Monthly passes are tax deductible.
  3. Walk. Walk or run to work. It is a great strategy for introducing exercise into your daily routine. You’ll save money and improve your health.
  4. Bike. Bike to work or if your commute is too far, take your bike with you on the bus. Many buses are now equipped with bike racks. More information
  5. Telework. Save time and money. Work from home. The most convenient commute of all.
  6. Alternative Work Week. A longer day can mean a shorter week and one less day of travel. Or flex your hours to avoid rush hour and traffic congestion.