Meet three extraordinary Southlake Regional Health Centre
employees who “walk the talk” everyday.


Debbie, Surgical Endoscopy Professional Resource

Do you walk or bike in all seasons and in all weather?
Absolutely!  I have even snow-shoed in and wear cleats on icy days.

How would you convince someone to trade in their car for walking or cycling?
Nike 101: “Just Do It!” It’s truly a mindset and I save over $1,300 a year.

Has anything interesting ever happened on your way to work?
When my son was younger he wanted a goalie stick and I saw one on the curb so I picked it up and strapped it across my handlebars.  As I continued on my ride to work, someone called out “Hey, do you want me to take some shots on you?!”


Tish, Manager Food Services

How far is your commute?
It takes me 50 minutes to walk three kilometres and when I cycle I take a longer route for more exercise.  I share my commute with Canada geese and snapping turtles.

What do you typically carry with you?
I once won a prize at a bridal shower for being the most prepared in case of emergency.  You name had it, I had it: toothbrush, Band-Aids, socks, umbrella, etc.


Pam, Inpatient Physiotherapist

What are the greatest benefits you get from walking to work?
Stress relief; walking helps me relax and is good for my health.  Sometimes I can even out-walk the traffic.

What would you say to inspire someone to get walking?
It’s nice to be outside! It doesn’t matter what the weather is like if you’re dressed properly.

As seen in the fall 2015 edition of Your Business, a publication of the
Newmarket Chamber of Commerce.