What is Smart Commute?

What is Smart Commute Central York?

Smart Commute Central York (Smart Commute CY) is a program of the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce and one of 13 Smart Commute offices in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Smart Commute CY works with businesses in northern York Region to encourage and support active and sustainable transportation. Carpooling, public transit, cycling, walking and flexible work arrangements reduce stress on our lives, roads and the environment.  The program receives funding and support from Metrolinx (an agency of the Government of Ontario), the Regional Municipality of York and the Town of Newmarket.

Our Mission

To contribute to the economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability of our community by helping local employers and commuters explore alternative sustainable modes of travel such as carpooling, public transit, active commuting (walking and cycling) and alternate work arrangements like telework, flex hours and compressed work weeks.

Our Goals

To ease traffic congestion by reducing single occupant vehicle trips.

To reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

To inspire commuters to embrace alternative sustainable transportation options like carpooling, public transit, cycling, walking, and teleworking to help commuters improve their health and save money on their daily commute.

To positively impact an organization’s bottom line.