Frustrated with your commute? There’s a tool for that!

New online tool for smart commuters

Gridlock, wasted time and poor air quality all point to a problem commuters face daily in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). To the rescue comes a new online tool developed by Smart Commute that is aimed at steering people away from drive-alone trips by helping them explore other options.

Smart Commute tool shown on smart phone screenThe innovative tool, launched this week, helps people see what options are available, match their trip with others and track the impacts of their transportation choices. Because it can be accessed by people on the move, and because it has additional features, it’s a major advancement from Smart Commute’s previous ride-matching site, Carpool Zone.

It’s easy to use!

Simply enter your starting point (A) and destination (B) to explore your travel options. The system provides a comparison of distance, travel time, cost, calories burned and even CO2 emissions generated by each option. The tool incorporates carpooling, walking, biking and public transit, and compares these options with driving alone.

Travelers can also match their trips with others. After entering your A to B, the tool searches the database to find other travelers with similar trips to share the ride with. If you don’t find a match right away, you can post your own carpool, and other users will find you. Users can also add various preferences to help them find the perfect match – from logistical details right down to musical tastes – and specify if they’d like to find a walking or cycling buddy.

As users travel, they can also log their trips and rack up cool badges like “1st non-SOV trip” or “100th bicycle trip”. The tool makes it easy and fun to track the impacts of different transportation options. Users can also join multiple networks (e.g., workplace or region) to compare their impact with others.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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