Nestlé Canada

Director, Frank Scali, explains, “By partnering with Smart Commute Brampton-Caledon, Nestlé is piloting commuter programs to help its employees find different avenues to save on their daily commute to work, while reducing their carbon footprint, and creating countless new friendships within the company.”

Nestlé works to fulfill this ambitious goal by continuously improving the programs and infrastructure available to their employees, making sustainable transportation easier and more convenient.  They provide bicycle and carpool parking, along with a large fleet of vehicles to reduce the need for their employees to drive to work.  Employees can also choose flexible work arrangements to make their commute easier, including a formal telework policy – because the best commute is no commute at all!

Are you an employee at Nestlé? Click here to join the Nestlé Canada – 9050 Airport Rd. network and start planning your A to B!


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