Why driveTransit Buses when you can sit back and relax? Listen to podcasts, read, play a game, or even strike up a conversation with a fellow rider!

Aside from the environmental benefits, taking transit can help you save money while giving you some extra time to yourself. Try planning your transit trip to see the easiest routes and more! Visit our trip planner to search your A to B today.

Transferring Between Transit Providers
Brampton Transit has great relationships with bordering transit providers. Transfer from one system to another if within a 2 hour period of travel.
Click here for more information on transfers and connecting transit.

PRESTO is a universal fare card that is currently available across 10 transit agencies in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and Ottawa. PRESTO is now fully rolled out on Brampton Transit and makes travelling simple. For more information about PRESTO and what benefits it offers you, visit their website

Transit Resources
Here are some transit resources to help you get around the area and beyond: