Teleworking refers to working from home by connecting to your employer’s computer system. The employee’s work files and e-mail are available, ensuring that they are never out of the loop. Meetings are also conducted remotely through conference calls.

Teleworking is advantageous to both the employer and the employee. Employers save money on parking facilities, office space, equipment and training. Employees work more efficiently and save money and time by not commuting. Thanks to a reduction in commute time, employees who telework can often achieve a better life-work balance. This improved quality of life can help to recruit and retain the best employees. Replacing an employee can cost from three to five times the employee’s base salary.

Smart Commute Brampton-Caledon has experience implementing numerous telework pilots. Talk to us and see if a telework pilot is a good fit for your organization!

Alternate Working Arrangements

Many employers offer alternate working arrangements that allow for flexibility in your schedule so that you can spend less time on your commute and achieve better work-life balance.
Ask your employer about compressed work weeks, job-sharing or flextime to see if this option is available to you!