Top 5 Reasons To Try Carpooling

Photo of people carpooling

Check out the top 5 reasons to try carpooling:

  1. Save $$

Two people, sharing a 50km (return) commute five days a week will each save about $40 on gasoline alone in one month. Calculate your savings here. Did you know that the average cost of owning and operating a vehicle in Canada is $10,500 per year? Carpoolers can reduce their costs considerably – not to mention the wear and tear on their vehicle – by sharing the drive. And we haven’t even mentioned tolls or parking costs!

  1. Save time

Stop-and-go traffic is a major headache – but cars with two or more occupants are less likely to get stuck in traffic because they can use High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes.

  1. Make a new friend

Sometimes exploring new options to get from A to B can lead to so much more than getting from A to B. Watch ‘The Carpoolers’ to see how two coworkers sparked a long-lasting friendship by carpooling. Carpoolers are some of the happiest commuters, according to the results of Smart Commute’s Commuter Attitudes Survey. 81 per cent reported that they were satisfied with their commute.

Plus: 45 per cent of lone drivers said they would consider carpooling if they had some sort of assistance in finding a match. Need help finding yours? Check out Smart Commute’s tool.

  1. Use your commute time

Driving demands our complete attention, which means it can be difficult to be productive when you’re behind the wheel. Riding as a passenger in a carpool allows you to check your e-mails, read the news or even catch up on sleep for a few minutes before starting your day.

  1. Reduce congestion and reduce your carbon footprint

Every carpool takes at least one car off the road, which means less congested roads and fewer transportation emissions emitted.

Happy carpooling!