Smart Commute Week

There’s more than one way to beat traffic

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During our annual Smart Commute Week we encourage solo drivers to discover more sustainable commuting options such as transit, walking, biking, teleworking and carpooling.

Smart Commute Week 2013

The third annual Smart Commute Week campaign has wrapped up and the results are in. Close to 1,500 people atSmart Commute workplaces participated this year by trying more sustainable travel modes and recording the information either online or using paper diaries. We were thrilled to see that 13% of this year’s participants switched from driving alone to a more sustainable option.

Congratulations to Natasha Sampson, winner of the return trip for two people to Montreal (Business Class), courtesy of VIA Rail. Natasha works at AMD in Markham, which is aSmart Commute Markham, Richmond Hill workplace. During Smart Commute Week, she carpooled two days and worked from home the remaining days.

Pictured are (L-R): Tim Klinker (AMD), Flo McLellan (Smart Commute MRH), Natasha Sampson (AMD), Lindsay Taylor and Basil Marcello (Smart Commute MRH)

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