Smart Commute Week 2014

Refresh your A to B during Smart Commute Week

Just getting to work can be, well, work. Even though the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) has been described as one of the best places to live in the country, it is still one of the most congested! The average round-trip commute time is 82 minutes, longer than almost any other region in North America. Commuters are evidently frustrated and stressed out by this reality.

But what if there was a way to refresh your A to B? Smart Commute Week, running from September 22 to 28, encourages you to step out of your normal routine and try a different mode of transportation, which could be a small step in the right direction.Active-Pic-1_300x450

There are a variety of options available in the GTHA, including: walking, taking transit, carpooling, biking, teleworking or making flexible work arrangements. Smart Commute has just released a new tool to help you match your trips with others, explore different options and track the impact of your choices. Check it out on your mobile device while you’re on the move!

Many commuters attest to the benefits of a ‘refreshed’ commute. Riley Truswell and Isabel Trimble have recently started sharing the drive between downtown Toronto and Mississauga every day, which is about 60 km round trip. “Not only do we save a fortune on gas each month, but we also have fun!” says Riley. “It’s usable commute time; riding in a carpool allows me to check and answer my e-mails, read the news or even close my eyes for a few minutes before starting the day,” says Isabel.

After not riding a bike since the age of 13, Brett Sears picked up biking two years ago in an effort to reduce his commute time, save on transit costs and improve his quality of life. He cycles approximately 35 minutes to his workplace in Markham, from March until November. “Biking is by far the most enjoyable way to travel. I observe much more on a bike because of the slower pace than a bus or car.”

The commute to work isn’t the only place you can refresh your travel habits. Mark Sadoway likes biking to get groceries, to meet up with friends and to explore the city of Toronto. “Biking just makes sense. In the city it’s simply the fastest, least expensive and easiest way to get around.” He also enjoys walking: “There’s no special equipment required, aside from a sensible pair of shoes! You experience your community in the richest sense.”

Experience the many benefits of a refreshed commute by participating in Smart Commute Week and trying out the new online tool.  Don’t forget to follow @smartcommute and use the hashtag #smartcommute to share how you are refreshing your A to B.