Smart Commute Week 2015

Smart Commute Week: Sept 21 to 27

Going places? Smart Commute is here to help! We are fortunate here in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) to have so many transportation options at our disposal. From trains and buses to bicycle paths and carpool lanes, the GTHA has a growing network of travel options and Smart Commute Week is the perfect time to look at your regular routine and consider trying something different.


Tish Peirson, Southlake Regional Health Centre

Newmarket resident Tish Peirson, who works at Southlake Regional Health Centre, urges fellow commuters to “think outside the car box” and try a new mode of travel during Smart Commute Week. Tish is particularly passionate about active forms of transportation – she bikes or walks to work year round. “Just try it,” Tish says. “If there’s something you could do to make your commute more interesting – then do it.” Tish knows first-hand how stressful the drive to and from work can be. A few years ago, she decided she’d had enough. She made a choice that has transformed her life for the better, providing monetary gains and more importantly, rejuvenating her physical and mental health.

To participate in Smart Commute Week, use our free online tool to explore your transportation options, match your trips with others and track the impact of your travel choices. Share your experiences with us on Facebook and Twitter using #smartcommuteweek – we’d love to hear your stories.

To enter the Smart Commute Week contest, log in or register an account on the Smart Commute tool during the Contest Period (Sept 14 – 28) and log at least one trip using a travel mode other than ‘drive alone.’) For more information, visit The more options you try and log using the tool, the more chances you have to win 1 of 4 VIA Rail vouchers, each worth $500. Note: one entry per person per travel mode (transit, carpool, active – bike/walk and telework).

Smart Commute has all the information you need to explore your options!

Tools & Resources

Carpool Savings Calculator – Sharing the driving allows you to share vehicle expenses. Calculate your potential savings. Tips to get you started.

Public Transit – Have you tried Triplinx, the new transit trip planner from Metrolinx? This tool provides current schedule, fare and service details for 11 public transit providers in the GTHA. It also includes accessible transit trip itineraries and information on paratransit services.

Bike Maps – Whether it’s cycle commuting or recreational riding. find the right route for you.

Smart Commute tool – Explore your transportation options, match trips with others and track the impact of your travel choices with our free online tool.

Rethink your commute – The Pan Am and Parapan Am Games may be over, but we all learned a lot about the 4 Rs of commuting smarter – let’s keep going!

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Public transit

Active transportation: