Bike to Work Day Winners 2016

Congratulations to Navneet Kumar, Serge Cherevko and Thomas Appleyard on logging their bike trips for Bike to Work Day 2016.

These avid cyclists not only helped to reduce congestion by choosing an alternative mode of transit they also peddled their way to win a $500 VIA Rail pass each along the way! Combined the winners logged a total of 31 trips during Bike Month and traveled 429 kilometers to and from work.

This year’s Bike to Work Day Contest was hugely successful with almost 800 participants who rode 118,880 kilometers and made 10,000 trips. By choosing environmentally friendly transit people saved a total cost savings of $41,809.00!

Participants ranged from new cyclists to those who have been riding for decades. Prize winner Thomas Appleyard made the switch biking to work in 1999. “I bike to work for 10 months of the year and much prefer it to taking the subway or driving,” he says.

The contest is over for this year –the benefits of biking to work are always available for you. Thanks to all those who participated this year.

Thomas Appleyard_resized516x420

Thomas Appleyard


Navneet Kumar

Serge Cherevko_resized516

Serge Cherevko