Carpoolers Unite For Snow Day Fun

Carpooling is great for getting to and from work – but that’s not the only place we travel. Friends Amna, Jen and Matt teamed up for a day of winter fun at Blue Mountain. All city slickers residing in Toronto, the team of three decided carpooling together would be fun, safe and easier on their wallets.

The trio planned their route together prior to leaving, picking up each passenger along the way. Communication was key to ensure everyone knew when they’d be picked up. They texted each other five minutes before arrival to ensure no delays during pick up.

During their drive out of the city, the weather began to turn into a traditional winter snow day with heavy snowfall during the morning commute.

“With the roads getting slippery and a reduction in visibility, I’m glad we all rode together instead of braving the winter driving conditions in three different cars,” says Matt. “The ride up was fun, but I also felt safer knowing if anything happened, we’d have each other instead of being stranded alone had we driven individually.”

After a full day hitting high speeds on the slopes, they headed back home together.

“I love that we split the cost of renting a car and gas. Snowboarding is an expensive sport when you take into account gear and lift tickets. At least getting there was inexpensive and a lot of fun,” says Jen.

They used Smart Commute’s Carpool Calculator to help divide cost.

Carpoolers unite! And not just for work – but fun too!