Smart Commute Week

September 22 to 28, 2014

During Smart Commute Week, try out our new tool to explore your options from A to B, match your trip with others or track the impact of your travel choices. Check it out on your mobile device while you’re on the move!

Learn more about all your options, and share your experiences with us!

Take transit. Relax and let someone else handle the driving.

Carpooling (sharing the drive with one or more people) or vanpooling will save you money, time and energy. Find someone to share the ride.

Hop on your Bike and ride to work, or to the GO station, or take your bike with you on the bus.

Incorporate walking or running – a simple way to get some exercise into your daily routine.

Flexible work arrangements:compressed work weeks, earned days off, flex time, staggered work hours, and reduced work hours.

Give up the trip altogether by Teleworking (working from home or another remote location).