Carpool Week 2017 – February 6 to 12



Are you ready? Carpool Week starts February 6!
Still driving alone to work? Carpool Week is a great time to start or join a carpool. Smart Commute makes it easy to find a match at your workplace, cruise to work in those HOV lanes, and win a great prize!

How to get started:

  1. Log in to the Smart Commute tool.
    *If you are new, create an account and join your workplace network!
  2. Search & share your A to B to find matches at your workplace
  3. Log at least one carpool trip between Feb. 6 – 12 for a chance to win a $500 VIA Rail travel voucher.


  • Save time! Carpoolers have the HOV advantage, cruise the HOV lanes and skip the congestion.
  • Save money! Splurge on something other than gas. Find out how much you could save here.
  • Reduce stress! Letting someone else drive, or taking turns means a more relaxing commute.