What’s involved

We start by understanding the commuting patterns, needs, challenges and preferences of your employees (usually with an employee survey, and site visit to your workplace).

Once we get this clear picture of how and why staff are getting to work, we can work with you to create a customized action plan to encourage and facilitate sustainable commuting.

The action plan can include workshops, discounts, policies, infrastructure and campaigns that will encourage commuters to explore healthy, cost-effective and sustainable commute options. We offer:

  • The Emergency Ride Home program (covering staff up to $75 to get home in an emergency if they’ve commuted to work sustainably)
  • The Smart Commute ride-matching tool to help find carpool partners
  • Support in setting up the TTC VIP program to offer discounted metropasses
  • Free bicycle clinics, winter cycling workshops and other commuting events
  • A range of campaigns and contests throughout the year
  • On-site expos with customized commute support, resources and giveaways
  • Support with your internal communications, policy development (e.g. telework), exploration of infrastructure (e.g. shuttles, bike parking) or other customized support
  • Opportunities for recognition such as the yearly Smart Commute Awards

After 2-3 years, we can run a follow-up survey to see what shifts commuters have made and provide you with helpful data for your reporting.

To learn more or become a member, contact us.