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PowerStream is recognized as one of Ontario’s Environmental Leaders in adopting green practices to help protect the environment.  The company participates in many Smart Commute events and programs including Bike to Work Day and vanpooling.

Smart Commute NTV 2013 Employer of the Year

PowerStream’s tagline, “Go Green with PowerStream” reflects both their corporate culture and broader interest in encouraging environmentally sound behaviour amongst their customers. The Smart Commute program is integrated into the corporate culture primarily through events and campaigns. PowerStream promotes Smart Commute initiatives through social media accounts and an internal newsletter.
More about the Award Winner here.

PowerStream Smart Commute employer of the year award

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It is estimated that the average annual cost to own and operate a personal vehicle is somewhere between $7,000 and $10,000. Carpooling allows you to share that expense, leaving you with cash for other things.

Smart Commute’s ride matching website can help you find a carpool partner! The Smart Commute Tool is free, easy and non-commital. Simply set your origin and destination for a regular or one-time trip. The Smart Commute tool will match the user with others who have a similar travel plan. Join PowerStream’s Network and enter a starting address, along with your weekly schedule and travel preferences. View potential matches and send invitations through the website. After agreeing to share a ride, your carpool will be formed and you can start enjoying the benefits of smart commuting. Best of all, Smart Commute rewards users for their eco-friendly efforts and tracks greenhouse gases and money saved by carpooling.

Already carpool? Take advantage of HOV lanes and provincial carpool parking lots as meeting locations.

As part of PowerStream’s initiative to go green, an Employee Vanpool Program was implemented in 2009.

How does it work?

  • Takes 27 Single Occupant Vehicles (SOVs) off the road during peak-period, and replaces them with vans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces commuting time, costs and stress, which improves employee satisfaction and retention

Public Transit

TTC: The 165 Weston Rd. route services PowerStream.

Active Commuting

If you live within 10 kilometers of work, active commuting may work for you!

Did you know that the average person can walk 1km in 10 minutes and can bike 1km in less than 5 minutes? Walking/running is one of the best ways to commute. It’s cost-free, emits zero GHG pollutants into the air and promotes physical health.

If you’re considering using your bike as part of your commute, why not “Rack it and Rocket” with the TTC? Bikes are stored at the front end of the bus. View a demonstration on TTC bike racks here.

If needed, improve your fitness by doing short evening rides to start, or try riding part of the way to work and taking public transit the rest of the way. Take a cycling course such as CAN-Bike (www.canbike.net), and read the Highway Traffic Act for information on cycling rights at www.e-laws.gov.on.ca.

Active commuting doesn’t mean you are limited to staying at work during your breaks. Try walking, biking, or taking transit to local stores during your break. Running your errands on lunch also means that you can go straight home after work.

Looking for a route? Click here for online maps and route mapping tools.