Lauren Bates | Executive Director

As Executive Director Lauren encourages sustainable transportation options in the GTHA through programs that reflect her experience in action and solutions.

Lauren holds an Honour’s B. Sc. in Psychology Research from the University of Toronto, with emphasis on behaviour change related to environment and sustainability. She also holds a Master’s degree in Environment and Sustainability from Western University, with a focus on stakeholder engagement, sustainable business, risk management, and consulting practices.

Lauren has been involved with the Citizen’s Climate Lobby in Toronto as a core volunteer, promoting the adoption of climate policy in Canada and the United States, and has volunteered with the Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series, an organization that promotes conversation and solutions among sustainability thought leaders.

As Program Manager, she uses her enthusiasm and love of problem-solving to take initiative on finding the best transportation solutions for each workplace she works with.

Stewart Slaymaker | Program Manager

Stewart joined Smart Commute – North Toronto, Vaughan in November 2014. He previously worked for Travel for Cambridgeshire in the UK, an organization with the same goal of reducing single occupancy car journeys. Stewart worked with Cambridgeshire employers to help them deliver sustainable travel initiatives for their staff, managed projects and developed TDM services and tools.

Having commuted by bicycle for 7 years in the UK, and now by walking, subway, bus and the occasional streetcar in Toronto, Stewart is passionate about and well versed in sustainable travel.

Stewart holds a postgraduate MSc degree in Transport Planning & Management from the University of Westminster (UK), and an undergraduate BA Geography degree from the University of Plymouth (UK).

Between moving from the UK and starting with Smart Commute, Stewart and his partner spent two months travelling around Canada, taking in the sights of Toronto, Niagara Falls, Algonquin, the Rockies, British Columbia, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec.

Marianne Alacoque | Program Manager

Emma Langham | Marketing and Communications Manager

Jay Roberts | Business Operations Manager

Jay graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto. He grew up in Hawaii and while failing to tame the waves, he couldn’t help but notice the importance of living with nature. After graduating from university he worked in Tanzania for six months for Jane Goodall. Not as an object of her observation mind you, but instead helping student and community groups build environmental, animal, and community focused projects. Jay loves adventure, and keeps a mental bucket list which he periodically revisits. He incorporates his appreciation for facts and strategy in his work while supporting day-to-day operations at Smart Commute NTV.

Khushpal Brar | Assistant Program Manager

Before joining Smart Commute NTV, Khushpal worked with a variety of non-profit groups including Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and Ancient Forest Alliance, leading outreach and environmental education programs. She is a graduate from the Department of Geography at York University and although she grew up in BC, the rich culture and amazing work of Smart Commute NTV has lured her back to Toronto! Khushpal looks forward to contributing her efforts towards encouraging even more of the community in North Toronto, Vaughan to make smart, sustainable transportation choices.