Benefits of Walking

  • Walking to work can eliminate the financial costs of gas, vehicle maintenance, and parking.
  • Walking refreshes the mind, reduces fatigue, stress and tension while increasing energy; including a friend or co-workers can be a fun social activity.
  • Health Canada recommends that adults engage in half an hour of moderate to vigorous activity at least once a day – walking to work is a good opportunity to get this exercise.

Tips for Walkers

Accurately estimating distances and travel times can sometimes be a barrier to choosing to walk when completing errands or going to work. To help you visualize distances when you’re considering routes in your region, we’ve listed some examples below. Google Maps can also be used to map walking routes and distance.

  • Leave a pair of work shoes at work and wear comfortable shoes for walking to and from your workplace.
  • Try walking your route to work on a non-work day to judge how long it will take.
  • Check a map to see if there are other routes you could take that offer more pleasant walking conditions (e.g. less traffic, better sidewalks and cross-walks, shops or services, trees for shade.)
  • If you can’t walk all the way to work, try walking to and from public transit.
  • Well-maintained sidewalks will make your walk more enjoyable; contact Access Toronto to request snow clearing, street sign installation or sidewalk repair at 416-338-0338
  • If there is a street along your route to work where there isn’t a sidewalk but you think there should be, contact your local Councillor.

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