Outreach and Promotion

Educational Workshops

Smart Commute NTV will coordinate interactive, hands-on workshops, designed to provide detailed information regarding a particular topic such as bicycle safety, using public transportation, carpooling or our Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program.

Promotional Events

Smart Commute NTV will organize an event at the partner workplace to encourage and promote sustainable transportation alternatives to employees. In addition to providing educational materials, commute counseling and prizes, events will positively impact employee morale, foster a healthier work environment and spark interest in sustainable transportation options.

Employer Organized Events

The Smart Commute Program Manager will attend an event, organized by the partner, and distribute “Smart Commuting” promotional and educational materials, answer questions and promote alternative commuting modes. Prizes may also be provided to encourage participation.

Focus Groups

In either the initial or subsequent years of partnership, Smart Commute NTV will conduct focus groups of various sizes to gather information about current attitudes towards alternative transportation modes. These will also be used as a feedback mechanism for implemented commuter programs. The resulting report will assist Smart Commute NTV to design, implement and adjust program delivery to meet the needs of individual workplaces more effectively.

Clean Air Commute Event

Smart Commute NTV recommends registering in the GTA-wide Clean Air Commute event. This will raise awareness of the benefits of reducing Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) trips. Smart Commute NTV will pay the registration, arrange for the delivery and collection of all promotional and tracking materials and book lunchtime clinics for employees, if desired. As an incentive to participate, Smart Commute NTV will also arrange to have all participating employees entered into a draw for prizes.


Smart Commute NTV will highlight participating partners on marketing and communication material as well as promote their contributions to reducing congestion and emissions on the re-branded website and brochure. Smart Commute NTV will also provide other promotional opportunities that may include media events and interviews, trade shows, presentations and promotions.