Work Arrangements

Alternative work hours

Alternative work hours can include a range of work options such as compressed work weeks, earned days off, flex time, staggered work hours, and reduced work hours. They are an important means for encouraging a broader workplace strategy to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips.

If carefully implemented alternative work hours can have a dramatic effect on the morning and evening peak commute periods. For example, if an employer changes the work schedule from 5 days per week and 8 hours per day to 4 days per week and 10 hours per day, it can instantly cut commuting by 20%.

Alternative work hours don’t necessarily reduce the volume of vehicle kilometres travelled, however it does help ease congestion and reduce the number of commuters on the road in the peak travel times, which can help traffic flow and reduce idling time. And it provides a four-day work-week option that many employees dream of! Alternative work hours can be part of a comprehensive workplace trip reduction strategy and a benefit to both employers and employees in many of the same ways that telework is a benefit.