Workplace Spotlight: Honda Canada

Looking for a sustainable commute to work, but cycling, walking or taking public transit isn’t possible? Would you like to save money on vehicle costs while building friendships and reducing driving-related stress? Try carpooling to work, school or carpool and transit parking lots, and reap the benefits of sharing your ride!

Several Smart Commute MRH workplaces have discovered that implementing programs that encourage carpooling to work results in financial benefits for drivers, improved company morale and a positive relationship between management and employees. The Carpool Parking Pass Program (CPPP) allows Smart Commute MRH to manage and administer carpool programs at certain workplaces, while providing our Ambassadors with quarterly statistics regarding the number of parking spots saved, CO2 reduced, and the total program cost savings. Carpoolers who register for the program will receive a hang tag containing a unique code, and the advantage of parking in dedicated carpool spots near an entrance point.

Carpool parking spots are in high demand and are often full at Honda Canada (photo taken June 2016)

Honda Canada joined the CPPP in July 2014 and has shown significant success in reducing single-occupant vehicle commutes as a result of the program! Over a span of 30 months at Honda Canada’s Markham headquarters, 98 registered employees in 44 carpool groups achieved the following*:

  • eliminated 54 parking spaces;
  • logged 744 carpool trips on the Smart Commute Trip Tool;
  • saved $9,327.18 in vehicle-related costs, and
  • saved 4.62 tonnes of GHG emissions!

Smart Commute MRH works closely with Honda Canada to monitor carpooling statistics, receive feedback from carpoolers and ensure that participants’ information is up to date. Honda Canada shared some insight into how corporate support for sustainable initiatives contributes to the success of the CPPP:

“The motivation to partner with Smart Commute MRH directly relates to Honda’s core values and our 2020 Vision. At Honda, we strive to create ambassadors by delivering superior ownership, and stakeholder and community experiences, which will enrich the lives of all Canadians. One of the core approaches to this theme includes ensuring the joys for the next generation by reducing and preventing environmental impact of our operations by reinforcing environmental initiatives within our network. The launch of the Carpool Parking Pass Program at our head office campus reflects one of these goals and we’re very happy to take one small step closer to achieving success. Honda consulted with Smart Commute MRH on the best ways to deliver our mutual Associates’ and company needs and environmental priorities, and the CPPP is the result of that combined effort.” – Honda spokesperson.

Honda Canada says that the CPPP has been well received by associates, and they have plans to further promote and expand the program. One associate said, “I love the carpool program. My co-worker and I take turns driving in, which saves us both money on gas and reduces our carbon footprint. As an added bonus, we get a closer parking spot to the building.”

Honda Canada continues to receive CPPP hang tag requests, as more people are becoming interested due to the many benefits of the program. They are currently assessing how they can expand the parking lot in the future to accommodate the increased interest.  The program coordinator continues to receive various emails from associates expressing their enthusiasm towards the CPPP, how to obtain more information and for assistance in finding a carpool partner.

Smart Commute MRH would like to thank Honda Canada and their associates for their support in making the CPPP a success!

During Carpool Week (February 6 to 12), we encourage drivers to try sharing their rides to work, school or transit and carpool lots. Between February 1 and 12, log your carpool trips on the Smart Commute Trip Tool for a chance to win one of three $500 VIA Rail travel vouchers! More details are available at

*Statistics taken from the Smart Commute Trip Tool.