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Angelo from the Town of Richmond Hill is Presto’s newest user!

Town of Richmond Hill's Tia presents Angelo Vincent with a $25 Presto card, provided by Smart Commute Markham, Richmond Hill

Town of Richmond Hill’s Tia presents Angelo Vincent with a $25 Presto card, provided by Smart Commute Markham, Richmond Hill

At Smart Commute Markham, Richmond Hill, we love learning about and meeting workplace employees who have chosen to commute to work sustainably. We also love sharing their stories with our network to encourage and inspire others to leave the car at home, and try alternate modes of getting to work!

Smart Commute Week (September 19th to 25th) is an ideal time to try taking transit, carpooling, walking or cycling to work, due to warm weather and increased service along several public transit routes. On September 22nd, the Town of Richmond Hill hosted an Electric Vehicle event featuring Smart Commute MRH and Plug N Drive, where employees had the chance to test drive electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt and the BMW i3, and enter a draw to win great prizes. One of these lucky prize winners was Angelo Vincent, Project Coordinator in the Town’s Planning and Regulatory Services department, who received a $25 Presto card provided by Smart Commute MRH for answering some skill testing questions relating to electric vehicles. The Presto card was a fitting reward for Angelo, who is a transit rider and was eager to try it for the first time on his commute to work!

After giving his car to his son, Angelo needed a fast and convenient way to travel from his home near Yonge and Gamble Streets to the Town of Richmond Hill’s municipal offices at Highway 7 and Leslie Street. Fortunately, his start and end destinations are located along two important Viva corridors that allow him to transfer seamlessly between routes.

Angelo begins his commute by walking seven minutes to the 19th-Gamble bus stop on Yonge Street, and then travels south along Viva’s Blue line to the Richmond Hill Centre Terminal. From there, he transfers to either Viva Purple or Pink and travels east along Highway 7 until he reaches his destination. His commute is 45 to 50 minutes, which is longer than the average commute time in York Region; however, Angelo prefers taking transit compared to driving, which he considers stressful. He says, “coming by bus reduces my stress level. I can read and relax because someone is driving for me. It’s a very comfortable journey.”

When asked what other benefits Angelo has experienced by taking transit to work, he stated that he has managed to incorporate a daily workout into his commute, which has yielded excellent results. He says, “walking to the bus stop keeps me fit as it is good exercise in the morning and evening. I have reduced my weight and feel very good about my health.” He noted that he is also pleased to choose a mode of travel that contributes to cleaner air and reduced gridlock.

Angelo anticipates that paying for his commute will be much more convenient now that he has a Presto card. He said that he looks forward to tapping the card on readers located at Viva stations, as this will be much faster than validating paper tickets. That’s not the only benefit associated with using Presto! Angelo and other card users can:

  • Use the card to pay for transit on several other systems throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and Ottawa. Presto is accepted on all York Region Transit, Viva and GO buses! Click here to see the full list of transit systems.
  • Load a monthly York Region Transit pass on the card. When the card is tapped, the system will recognize the pass instead of deducting fares from the user’s account.
  • Receive a discount when using Presto as opposed to using tickets, tokens or cash. For further information about transit fares, please see
  • Load funds and transit passes on their cards at a Customer Service Outlet, a Self-Serve Reload Machine, or on the Presto website!

Please see the links below for more information on taking transit in York Region:

York Region Transit/Viva

GO Transit


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