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Fantastic Results for our 2016 Smart Commute Week Travel Survey!

Thank you to the over 1,500 of our workplace members who took our annual Smart Commute survey. We had a great response rate from across all of our members! We had fantastic results with over 40% of commuters using an active or alternative mode!

Smart Commute Week Annual survey results. Over 47% of respondents travel less than 10 kilometers to and dfrom work. 59.6% Drive alone. 12 percent take transit. 8.5 percent walk. 7 percent cycle. 10.9 percent carpool or are dropped off. 1 percent telework or other. To get to transit, 4.1 percent cycle to transit. 11 percent drive alone to transit. 77.3 percent walk to transit. 7.6 percent carpool or are dropped off to transit. 30% have tried an alternative to driving alone to work due to information or incentives provided at their workplace.

Four prize winners have been contacted. Watch for the November Smart Commute newsletter for details on them!

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