City of Hamilton – York & Rebecca lots

Smart Commute Hamilton operates carpool spots in the City of Hamilton’s York Parkade and the Rebecca Street lot. If you carpool to either of these lots, and are an employee of a Smart Commute workplace, you may be eligible to receive a carpool parking permit.

City of Hamilton registration process:

  1. Carpool group members all register on the City of Hamilton network on the Smart Commute Tool.
  2. At least one member of the Carpool group must have or purchase a municipal parking pass for the York Parkade.
  3. Designate one member of your carpool group to complete the City of Hamilton Carpool Application Form.
  4. Once you have completed this application form, you will receive an acknowledgement form by email to complete and sign. Send the completed application to the TDM office (internal or regular mail, or scanned and e-mailed).
  5. Authorized hanging tag will be issued to one member of the carpool group to be shared between drivers.
  6. Renewal of this pass will be required on an annual basis.