Smart Commute helps anyone who is going from A to B explore and try out smart travel options. Our goal is to ease gridlock while helping you save time and money.

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    Smart Commute Week 2016

    Between September 19 – 25 people were encouraged to try smart travel options such as walking, cycling, transit, and carpooling while getting from A to B. Smart Commute’s goal is to ease gridlock while helping those who live or work in the GTHA save time and money. Smart Commute works toward opportunities to generate real […]

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    Bike to Work Day Winners 2016

    Congratulations to Navneet Kumar, Serge Cherevko and Thomas Appleyard on logging their bike trips for Bike to Work Day 2016. These avid cyclists not only helped to reduce congestion by choosing an alternative mode of transit they also peddled their way to win a $500 VIA Rail pass each along the way! Combined the winners […]

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    Bike to Work Day 2016

    It’s that time of year again – time to dust off your bike and change your commute perspective. Bike to Work Day (Monday, May 30) is all about exploring cycling as a commute option. It is a sustainable option with countless benefits – why not give it a try? You may think that your commute […]

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