Smart Commute helps anyone who is going from A to B explore and try out smart travel options. Our goal is to ease gridlock while helping you save time and money.

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  • Gearing Up for Bike Month 2017

    Gearing Up for Bike Month 2017

      Biking to Work: The Journey from Hamilton to Toronto Biking even part of the way can do wonders for your health and save you time. Meet Brad who lives in Hamilton, commutes via GO Transit to Toronto and then jaunts up to Metro Hall where he works. Brad uses a mix of biking, transit and […]

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  • Carpooling

    Carpooling: Driving Together, Saving Together

    Driving Together, Saving Together Each year Carpool Week encourages drivers across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) to try carpooling or, if they have an existing carpool, adding another person to the trip. The benefits of sharing the drive are many but the easiest to understand is drive together, to save together – money […]

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  • Smart Commute Week 2016

    Smart Commute Week 2016

    Between September 19 – 25 people were encouraged to try smart travel options such as walking, cycling, transit, and carpooling while getting from A to B. Smart Commute’s goal is to ease gridlock while helping those who live or work in the GTHA save time and money. Smart Commute works toward opportunities to generate real […]

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